Read What This Man Is Doing About A Randy Professor Sexually Harassing Students

I just finished talking to a UNILAG lecturer who makes a habit of sexually harassing his students. His case was brought to my attention by a FACEBOOK friend whose Fiancée was a final year student and had been approached by “Randy Prof” and made the indecent proposal of “sex for grades” or let me describe it better: “no sex no grades”. Randy Prof told hard working and studious lady that he had to get a taste of the “secret garden” otherwise he would fail her and automatically give her an extra year.

Worried Fiancé contacted me and gave me lecturers name, details and phone number. I tried to call Prof about 3 days ago he didn’t pick so I sent him a text message introducing myself and that I headed an NGO in Houston and I wanted to talk to him. I called him today and he picked and I immediately introduce myself and tell him my NGO protects young women from sexual harassment. I told him that I had a report that he was blackmailing his students for sex and that I wanted to give him an opportunity to repent before I set ahead to destroy his career.

He didn’t deny, he just asked me to identify the victim so he could let her be, I said it means that you actually have MULTIPLE VICTIMS since you don’t know which one it is I am talking about , I explained to him that these were people’s children and that their parents had invested in their education and they didn’t send him to university to be his sexual prey. So based on that I WANT HIM TO TOP HARASSING ALL FEMALE STUDENTS AMD NOT JUST ANY PARTICULAR ONE. He thanked me for speaking to him “as a brother” and promised to desist from it. After all as we both agreed “he too had his own family with children”.

I extracted a promise of good behavior from him and told him if I had another report about him his story would be in the media. I concluded by sending him a text saying “I would be keeping my eye on him”.

His response to my text I share below verbatim:

“I truly appreciate the way you spoke to me. I will CHANGE. You don’t need to put an eye on me”

We have to rebuild our society block by block, there are already enough obstacles against girl child education in Nigeria than for us to fold our arms and allow the teachers who should be imparting knowledge to them themselves become the stumbling blocks in the lives of these young women. I thoroughly enjoyed this, and I think I would take this as a course of some sorts. I hope to provide some support structure to protect our young women in institutions of learning from sexual harassment, I would be collecting data on known perennial terrors across the nation’s campuses and giving them phone calls.

Someone shared this with me and I thought it was too incredible for me not to share. I have to commend this man for his positive contribution to society by speaking up for these young women. I also applaud him for publicly sharing this story. To see his profile and like or comment, click here. Thank you sir for making another person’s life less frustrating. It’s sad that people in authority continue to take advantage of those they are meant to help.

Have you lived or visited another country and saw something that made you wish things were done similar in Nigeria? Share The Frustration

DISCLAIMER: Like most of the Share The Frustration posts, not everywhere in Nigeria has these issues. However, it happens enough times to different people that it is still worth sharing and hopefully things will get better.

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