Eat A Mango Today For Me

As a child I loved mangos! Mango season was the best. If I happened to be in the village during mango season, my cousins and I would throw rocks at the mango tree to make the ripe mangoes fall down. We would gather them in a basket to take home to clean and eat. I am salivating just thinking about how good those mangoes taste. Unfortunately, as I grew older, my love for mangoes changed. Mangoes became mangos in the same way that favourite became favorite. It’s meant to be the same thing but it’s not quite the same. Mangos in the US did not taste the same to me no matter how many different ones I tried. It may have been the change in the experience that caused the displeasure. For example, I now had to eat mangos bought at the grocery store instead of one me or one of my family members plucked from the mango tree by ourselves. It may have just been that mangos in the US do taste different. Whatever the case may be, I stopped eating them. I came to the conclusion that mangos were to be a part of my childhood memory and not my adult life. I would be willing to bet that other people have a particular fruit or food in general that they loved as a child but gave up as an adult.

It is currently mango season in Nigeria so if you are home, eat a mango today. At least, in honor of my childhood. I think the next time I’m in Nigeria during mango season I’ll have to give it another try.

E9211-Nadi-mango-tree mango-tree-321075_640

Pieces of Home is a feature display of food, places, people, and anything really that reminds us of home (Nigeria). Many of the featured pieces will be unique to Nigeria and will probably make you nostalgic and miss home if you’re away.

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