Trailer Accidents – When Will They Stop?

Lately I’ve been reading of an increase in trailer accidents happening in Lagos. What exactly is going on? Trailers are those big scary things on the road that you have to be really careful when you drive close to one. Trailers have blind spots and if the driver is not careful, he might not see you which can cause an accident. Some drivers are negligent while some try to bully cars to get their way. It is best to avoid confrontation with a trailer. Well, obviously but I want to still make that point because for some people road rage reduces¬†common sense.

Who are the people in the transportation ministry in charge of commercial vehicles? If what I hear is true, then some of these trailers need to be sanctioned to prevent accidents. Trailers parking on roads which cause traffic should not be allowed. Some of the roads that the trailers drive through may not be okay. The weight of the trailers along with their containers may be too much for some of the roads they travel. Is there an adequate weight system in place for different roads?

Some of these trailer accidents cause fuel spillage resulting in a fire. There is usually an inadequate emergency response which creates a bigger problem. Therefore, how can we prevent these trailer accidents from happening in the first place? I’ve asked questions in this post that many others have asked. I’m tired of asking questions? Okay two more. What next? Business as usual?

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