The Traveling President

President Buhari is being called out for his constant visits to foreign countries. I even saw a joke on social media where someone asked, “When will Buhari visit Nigeria?” Buhari is getting the nickname Ajala.

Is the criticism fair? I think so. There is a lot of work to be done at home. Nigeria’s economic situation is in dire need of help. Insecurity is still a major issue. It is time for the president to buckle down and lead the effort at home to get things in order.

It is also fair to say that his travels have been somewhat productive. But the real question is, “Is it the best use of Mr. President’s time? ”

Picture this. It is the first day of the school year and a new principal who has a reputation for being strict takes over for the old principal. The old one was fired by the way for loose behavior. Students, parents and teachers are tense. Everyone attempts to behave on their best behavior.

No one wants to be made a scapegoat for indiscipline in the new administration. Now this “tough” principal begins to spend most of his time away from the school to attend conferences here and there. He has not put a solid team in place and has not given them the proper guidance to take over when he is not around.

What happens? You know what they say, when the cat’s away, the mice will play. At least I believe that’s the saying. Anyways, how will they take the new administration seriously when the top leader is not around to lead them? There will be a lot of cover up to make things appear good for when he is around.

It is far too early to criticize Buhari’s term as president. However, we need to point out some gaps in leadership before it is too late.

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