Let’s Talk About It: Fast Money Problems

Last week I read a story of a man who sent police to arrest his herbalist for defrauding him. The man gave his herbalist 2.5 million naira in return of becoming rich. This man, a banker, received a box with a “special” soap that was supposed to be full with money within 2 days. As you may have guessed, the box remained empty after the 2 days.

Dear banker, if this herbalist can quickly turn an empty box to money, would he himself not be wealthy? Did Mr. Herbalist tell you that he didn’t like money? Common sense is not always common.

My main issue with the banker is that he had a decent job which many in Nigeria would love to have. At least he was able to save up to 2.5 million naira. There is nothing wrong in wanting more, but greed, now that’s wrong. This life is give and take. Other than the 2.5 million naira to the herbalist, what is the banker doing in order get millions more in return?

The problem with many people is that they are not willing to do much for they type of reward that they desire. The saying that money does not grow on trees implies that to get money you have to do something in return and that something may not be easy.

That something may require you to spend years in school, train as an apprenticeship under someone, risk your assets to start a business and the list goes on. Hard work and dedication is important. Many people want fast money. From what I have observed, fast money is not as rewarding as the one you worked honestly to earn.

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