Jiria World

Hello and welcome to my world. Here you will find a blend of culture that is relevant in my world and it just might be relevant for you as well. Feel free to share. Contact me for questions and comments. – Wumz


Who is Wumz?

I discovered blogging 10 years ago (2005) and I’ve been an avid blog reader ever since. I love to write and express myself so I’ve tested the waters a few times with different blogs but this time I want to dive all in. I can’t exactly remember the first blog I read but it was a Nigerian blog. I was addicted to the Nigerian blog scene as a silent reader (the good old days of Blogspot). Since then I’ve ventured into reading all types of blogs but I knew whenever I decided to have my own blog it would have to tie into my Nigerian blog roots. Please read and share. This blog will feature all things Nigeria but through my blended world view so expect other random tidbits as well. Yes, I’m excited!