Ranks Of Passports Around The World

I did a post before on the places to go with a Nigerian passport with little to no visa restriction. I’m sure that some people wondered where Nigeria stood compared to other countries and their visa restrictions. Not surprising, The United States and the United Kingdom have the most powerful passports with access to 147 countries. Nigeria is number 57 on the list with an access to 61 countries. I wish Nigeria was ranked higher on the list but frankly we would need to gain back a lot of trust in the international community. We can start by developing our country. Also, those of us with dual citizenship, can portray ourselves well and put Nigeria in a better light. Continue reading “Ranks Of Passports Around The World”

This Would Explain A Lot

Reports from the Lagos State Ministry of Health revealed that of the 801 bus drivers tested for hard drugs, 442 of them tested positive for one or more of the following: cocaine, marijuana, morphine, opiate, ketamine and others.

The tests were carried out in Mosafejo, Mushin and Oshodi/Obalende Motor Parks in December 2014.
According to the report made available to P.M.NEWS, the number of drivers that tested positive for using hard drugs while driving in 2014 is far higher than the same number discovered when a similar test Continue reading “This Would Explain A Lot”

Sambo Who? How Well Do You Know Nigeria’s Second In Command?

I wish I had started this blog during the election season because there were so many interesting things happening at that time. One of the things that people talked about was the influence of the current Vice President. A lot of people joked (or were they serious?) that they did not know what the man looked like. For those who do not know his name (hide head in shame), it’s Namadi Sambo. He is officially the 4th vice president of Nigeria.  Continue reading “Sambo Who? How Well Do You Know Nigeria’s Second In Command?”