Ranks Of Passports Around The World

I did a post before on the places to go with a Nigerian passport with little to no visa restriction. I’m sure that some people wondered where Nigeria stood compared to other countries and their visa restrictions. Not surprising, The United States and the United Kingdom have the most powerful passports with access to 147 countries. Nigeria is number 57 on the list with an access to 61 countries. I wish Nigeria was ranked higher on the list but frankly we would need to gain back a lot of trust in the international community. We can start by developing our country. Also, those of us with dual citizenship, can portray ourselves well and put Nigeria in a better light. Continue reading “Ranks Of Passports Around The World”

Where Can Your Nigerian Passport Take You?

img_0663-0 Those with only a Nigerian passport will tell you that traveling can be frustrating. Unlike some of us with the highly desired blue or red passport, with the Nigerian passport you need a visa to travel to most countries. With a Nigerian passport, there are 44 countries you can travel to that you don’t need a visa or can get one on arrival. Some of these countries are on my vacation list. Be open minded and check them out. Not every time Europe… Continue reading “Where Can Your Nigerian Passport Take You?”