Misconceptions: All Africans Live In Huts And Trees

When I think of misconceptions or stereotypes about a culture or group of people, I think of Chimamanda Adichie’s TED Talk, The Danger of a Single Story. The Danger of a Single Story is exactly as it implies. When we’re told about a group of people by a different group of people, we only get one point of view (the outsiders point). There is a danger in that because that story becomes the only story widely available. People then believe that this group of people must all be as they have been described. However, there could be a lot more to that group of people than the point of view reports. Well, you can easily see the danger in that scenario.

If you are an African living abroad, in my case the US, you have probably been asked at one point or the other a mind numbing question about your African roots. I’ve been asked, why do Africans stink? Why are we so dark? Do I have a pet lion? These questions were mostly from my teenage years so I would like to attribute them to youthful ignorance. However, even as an adult I still see a lot of people with negative misconceptions about Africa. Continue reading “Misconceptions: All Africans Live In Huts And Trees”