This Would Explain A Lot

Reports from the Lagos State Ministry of Health revealed that of the 801 bus drivers tested for hard drugs, 442 of them tested positive for one or more of the following: cocaine, marijuana, morphine, opiate, ketamine and others.

The tests were carried out in Mosafejo, Mushin and Oshodi/Obalende Motor Parks in December 2014.
According to the report made available to P.M.NEWS, the number of drivers that tested positive for using hard drugs while driving in 2014 is far higher than the same number discovered when a similar test Continue reading “This Would Explain A Lot”

It’s My Bum Shorts and I’ll Wear It If I WANT To

On a beautiful sunny day in Lagos, don’t ask me why but I found myself in a crowded part of the city trying to get a taxi. It was during the Christmas holiday period and where I stood, along with my female cousin K, no taxis were passing by. Cousin K suggested that we walk a little farther down and cross the foot bridge to the other side of the major road. This is when the issue started. As we started walking, people were whispering, some blatantly staring, while others approached us Continue reading “It’s My Bum Shorts and I’ll Wear It If I WANT To”