Eat A Mango Today For Me

As a child I loved mangos! Mango season was the best. If I happened to be in the village during mango season, my cousins and I would throw rocks at the mango tree to make the ripe mangoes fall down. We would gather them in a basket to take home to clean and eat. I am salivating just thinking about how good those mangoes taste. Unfortunately, as I grew older, my love for mangoes changed. Mangoes became mangos in the same way that favourite became favorite. It’s meant to be the same thing but it’s not quite the same. Continue reading “Eat A Mango Today For Me”

Eating Smoked Frogs Is A Popular Delicacy

BBC's Christine Otieno
BBC’s Christine Otieno

I can picture this guy saying in Falzthebahdguy’s voice, if you get a taste of my delicacy, you will be stucked on me. I was browsing through BBC and found this pictorial article on smoked frog kebabs eaten by some Nigerians. I wasn’t aware of smoked frogs as a delicacy in Nigeria. It’s not surprising though because frogs is a common delicacy in many parts of the world.

The man pictured above is from Benue State and says it is very popular there. He says he catches the frogs with his bare hands, skewers them on a stick then lets them dry in the sun for six or seven hours. After that, he smokes the frogs and sells them. Here are some pictures below but for more pictures and information go to this BBC article. Continue reading “Eating Smoked Frogs Is A Popular Delicacy”